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best business to start in 2020

Best business to start in 2020

Wondering what the best business to start in 2020 is?

Maybe you love your job and maybe you hate it (If you hate it, you definitely aren’t alone.

According to this 2014 article in Forbes Magazine, over half of people surveyed hate their job. Truth be told, we would all rather be doing something fun with the fam rather than making someone else’s business dreams come true, right?).

Okay, ready for the answer? It’s Affiliate Marketing. Not only is affiliate marketing the best business you can start, it is also the best business you can start with little money. You can get your business totally off the ground for less than $100. Then, just keep creating a ton of high-quality content that helps your readers and that they enjoy reading and you will be off to the races!

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s a ton of work. That being said, you can totally start with very little cash outlay and build it as you go.

Maybe you hate your boss. Maybe you are like I was and just need to find a little extra income somewhere to make ends meet in retirement. The bottom line is anytime you are working hard toward someone else’s dream instead of yours, you are spending time away from the people and things you love and building someone else’s business while doing so.

I have had one part-time job in the past and I have had two part-time jobs in the past. Working a full-time job and then spending the remainder of your time working one OR two other part-time jobs sucks rocks! I was never home back then. Nobody does that because they love it or even because they want to. We work like dogs like that sometimes because we want to make sure we provide for our family in the best possible way. 

Affiliate marketing of digital products is an awesome business model that anyone can build a business around. Affiliate marketing is a $12 BILLION business and is growing at lightning speed.

The Interwebs has totally changed the playing field for you, me and everyone else on the face of God’s green earth. As I write this, my family is sitting next to me, watching TV. I’m building my business and spending quality time with my loved ones at the same time. How awesome is that?!? 

One caveat here though: Results aren’t typical. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough “stick-to-it-ive-ness” to stay in it and make it happen. I didn’t. If you read my eBook, you know I dabbled with a lot of opportunities through the years. I know as sure as I’m sitting here that some of my past venture ideas had the potential to completely change the lives of my family and I forever.

Taking massive action and staying on the gas were my downfall. Just like every other average person, I was all hat and no cattle. I finally made a conscious decision to stop being average. It wasn’t until I was actually told that most people fail until I made a solid commitment to really make it happen.

When I first heard that most people fail in building their digital affiliate marketing business simply because they don’t work hard enough or they quit too soon or both, something clicked in my head. I vowed to myself right then and there that I would not be one of those statistics this time. I’m “In it to win it, baby!”

I have always believed in KIPFYH (Knowledge Is Power. Feed Your Head). I told myself I would continue to work to make it happen and would not give up no matter what setbacks came my way! To bastardize a Thomas Edison quote a bit, setbacks are opportunities that are disguised like work. Fail forward my friend!

The number one thing you can do today to build an awesome business, is to become an influencer by building an audience of people who know, like and trust you. When people know, like and trust you, they purchase the high-quality products you offer and that they need. I know, I know….novel concept, huh?

This is how your group gets what they need and also how you make money. You create and provide valuable content for your followers, generate leads, and then follow up with an autoresponder selling valuable, digital products. Eventually, they purchase products you offer and once again, it’s a win-win for everyone.

How do people come to know, like and trust you? It’s really, really simple! 1) Be honest. 2) Be yourself. 3) Help others get what they want and need. There are so many scheisters out there in this day and age. It’s truly a shame. When people realize you truly want to help them achieve their goals and help them advance, life becomes really good. 

The majority of today’s Interwebs influencer’s build their business through one of two channels. 

1. They build a YouTube channel – If you find it easy to talk to your phone camera, this is for you. Research shows 10 minute videos are the sweet spot.

2. They start a blog – If you are good at written communication, start a blog. ⅔’s of today’s websites are built on WordPress.if you go the blog route, use WordPress. There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel.

If neither YouTube nor Blogging sound appealing to you at this point, pick the one that sounds more appealing than the other and vow to totally learn everything about it and grow with it. There are many self-made millionaires out there today who built their business on one or the other of these two platforms. Many of whom are teenagers. Today’s technology makes it possible for absolutely anyone to create a concept around a topic they love and continue to feed it and bolster it with fresh, new content on one of the two aforementioned platforms.

Selling a high-quality/high-profit product or course is the secret that will catapult your business. It’s absolutely imperative you incorporate this into your business.

People want and need knowledge. If there is a high-quality, high-profit course available in your topic of choice, start an affiliate business for that course. If there isn’t one available, build one and sell it through your marketing efforts and through affiliate links for others.

Say for instance, the topic of choice for your business is bow hunting. Google the search terms “bow hunting+affiliate.” If nothing good comes up with that, reach out to high-quality bow hunting sites you know, like and trust and inquire about their affiliate programs.

Many people get side-tracked with building an affiliate business around low-profit physical product items on Amazon or a product that has a low profit margin somewhere else. Don’t make this mistake! If you are going to go, GO BIG OR GO HOME!

You are going to spend the same amount of effort and money no matter what types of products you promote. Make sure you choose products that are going to adequately support you and your family. I know it doesn’t need to be said but I’m going to say it anyway.

Don’t just pick a product based solely on it’s profit potential! Make sure the companies you are representing are reputable and make sure the products are high-quality. The ones who skip this part, don’t deserve to be in business to begin with! 

The Legendary Marketer program is the flagship of my business. They declined me the first two times I applied to become an affiliate marketer. Initially, I was totally incensed! Who the hell did they think they were to deny me!?

Today, I understand that was a good thing. They were weeding out the trash. They needed to know I wasn’t some kind of scheister who was going to go out and misrepresent what they had built. Once we had both cleared the air and had a better understanding of who each other were, I was good to go. That’s the kind of company I am proud to represent.

Make sure you do your homework on the companies you choose to represent. Your reputation is of utmost importance. If you do something to mar it, you can’t get that back. Stay true to yourself, your family and your group. 

The Basics:

  1. You must offer 3-7 high-quality products. One must be high-margin as well.
  2. You must be able to capture leads. You create content inside your niche and point people to a capture page. On the other side of the capture page, you give them what’s commonly known as a lead magnet. A high-quality something for free such as your free eBook. It’s what people are going to give you their first name and email address for Make sure it is high enough quality that you could sell but don’t sell it. Give it away. You are providing them with value.
  3. Link your lead capture up with an autoresponder such as GetResponse. I’ve used Aweber and MailChimp before. I’ve looked at others. I like GetResponse the best. It’s what I use in my business today.
  4. You need to create funnel. Just like You would never propose marriage on a first date, no one is going yo buy your products at first glance. A funnel provides you the ability to establish a relationship with those who have an interest in what you offer.
  5. You must choose a channel and set it up. If you are going to use YouTube, you must create a YouTube channel. If you are going to create a blog, you must create an awesome domain name, host a WordPress site on a great web host and get a killer WordPress theme installed.
  6. You must find your tribe. There are tons of options out there. Pick the one you like the best and just keep at it until you have mastered it and there just aren’t any more leads available with it. Whether it be Facebook ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube ads, Google AdWords, SEO or something entirely different, just pick one! I chose Facebook. With hundreds of millions of people using it on a daily basis in the United States alone, I doubt I’ll run out of viable leads anytime soon! Paid marketing vs. Non-paid marketing is a tradeoff of time vs. Money. If you can afford it, you should begin with paid marketing and focus on mastering it and then scaling it. You will grow your business much faster this way. If you can’t afford it to begin with, just know it’s going to take you longer to accomplish your goals.

By the way, if you are wondering about the back-story to my silly-looking hairstyle from this photo, I assure you it is all for an excellent cause! I’m a proud supporter of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We raise money to fund childhood cancer research. Many, many kids’lives have been saved because of the research the Foundation has funded. It’s a fantastic organization and highly recommend getting involved with it.

You can learn more about how it came to be in the “About Me” section here. I also talk more about it in my exclusive eBook that you can get for free by clicking the link down below. I do this hair thing every year. Maybe you want to get in on that too. We have a ton of fun with it and lots of great things happen because of it.

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