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Best Resources On The Internet For Your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020

These are the Best Resources On The Internet For Your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020

  • FIVERR – Sometimes, it makes more sense to hire a professional to do something for you rather than spend the time to learn it yourself. FIVERR makes it really quick and easy. Some of the things you can do on FIVERR are logo creation, eBook cover creation, 3D eBook covers, WordPress theme altering, and the list goes on and on. Don’t beat your head against the wall, pay someone to do it for you!
  • FACEBOOK TEXT OVERLAY TOOL – If I would have known about this free tool when I first started running ads on Facebook, it would have saved me a TON of frustration. Facebook doesn’t like a lot of text in ads on their platform. I had a bunch of ads denied that I spent a ton of time on. After finding this tool, I rarely have ads declined anymore.
  • AUDIBLE – My job requires a lot of “windshield time.” I use this time wisely by going through books that expand my mind and build my business while I am sitting in a vehicle and still working my day-job. 
  • CANVA – Building YOUR brand is extremely important! Canva enables you to design and create things you need to build a successful brand.
  • GOOGLE DOCSGoogle has a ton of useful apps! I use DOCS a lot. I wrote MAKE MONEY ONLINE! in Google Docs and then transferred it over to CANVA. You can update it on your phone and then work on it on your laptop and vice-versa. It’s awesome. And, Google apps are FREE! 
  • PHOTOSCISSORS – This is a really cool (and free) tool that enables you to remove backgrounds and replace them with other photos or colors or whatever. Very cool!
  • GOOGLE AUTOSUGGEST – Have you ever noticed the suggestions that pop up when you type something into Google? They are giving you the answers to what people are searching for! Write topics on what people are searching for!
  • KEYWORDS EVERYWHEREKeywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC & competition on multiple websites. It is going to save you a lot of time, time that would have otherwise been spent on copying data from one website while finding search volume from another. Keywords Everywhere lets you find long-tail phrases with their accurate search volume, CPC and competition data.
  • ANSWER THE PUBLIC – This is a search query data visualisation tool that is absolutely awesome when it comes to coming up with new content ideas. You will NEVER be at a loss for what to create content about again!
  • UBERSUGGEST – Another cool tool to help you generate keyword/content ideas. This is a Neil Patel tool. If you’ve been around the world of digital marketing a bit, you already know Neil is a heavy-hitter in the arena. I’m very surprised he hasn’t monetized this tool in a major way but I’m glad he hasn’t. It too is a great resource!
  • YOUTUBE AUDIO LIBRARY – There are tons of No Copyright music available here for your YouTube videos. There are also a lot of YouTube channels where you can get additional No Copyright music.

Below, are the resources that are listed on my Resources page. I’m just sharing them here again so you don’t have to go back and forth between two separate pages. Remember, if you click on the links below, I make a commission in return for sharing these great resources with you. I’ve done a ton of research in each category and I honestly believe these are the best available to you. These are what I use and what I recommend you use too. 

  • LEGENDARY MARKETER – If you are ready to build an absolutely AWESOME digital marketing business, this is definitely your first stop. The quality of this product is absolutely second to none! Click the button to watch the intro video. You will see exactly what I’m talking about! Once you sign up, the first three training videos are free. The high quality of the content is immediately obvious.
  • CLICKFUNNELSClickFunnels and it’s co-creator, Russell Brunson give You one helluva leg-up to market, sell, and deliver your digital products and services online without having to hire or rely on a tech team or building a traditional website! ClickFunnels makes it extremely easy. This route costs quite a bit more than just doing a traditional WordPress website but it’s a one-and-done, no-holds-barred system that totally rocks it! ClickFunnels is taking the Internet by storm. Russell Brunson is extremely intelligent! If you haven’t read his books, I highly recommend them. “Expert Secrets” is available on so you can go through it on the go. If you use this link, you will get access to 30 blueprints of “Two Comma Club” winners who show you day by day what they’d do if they lost everything and had to start over again (you get this for FREE because Russell truly wants YOU to be successful!
  • GETRESPONSE – The list you build is EVERYTHING! Any marketer will tell you, THE MONEY IS IN YOUR LIST! GetResponse is the leader in the industry. With their simple and intuitive platform, your email campaign will be up and running before you know it! Use this link and get it for FREE for the first 30 days!
  • HOSTGATOR – I’ve been using HostGator for a long time. They make it extremely easy to get a professional looking WordPress site up in no time at all. 1/3 of all the Internet now runs on WordPress sites! It’s super simple to use, their up-time is 99.9% and their tech support is fantastic! This, coupled with A-Themes is definitely much more cost-effective than ClickFunnels but is much more labor-intensive to get set up. You have to make the decision of what you have more of, time or money when it comes to deciding which route you are going to take. My advice is to use ClickFunnels if your budget will support it. It enables you to create the entire funnel quickly and easily. If your budget doesn’t support it, a WordPress site will still get your affiliate marketing business up-and-running pretty quick.
  • ATHEMES – A Themes has many excellent choices for WordPress themes. You can pay $59 for one theme or, you can get yearly access to every single one of their awesome themes for only $99!
  • FACEBOOK MARKETING– According to the PEW Research Center, 69% of American adults are on Facebook. That is 227 MILLION Americans you can market to! And, it is totally amazing (and somewhat scary) how much data Facebook has on you, me and everyone else. You can really drill down in a target market. It’s absolutely awesome! Because of these facts, Facebook is my number one choice. Facebook advertising is a learned skill. You can blow through a TON of money if you don’t know what you are doing! DO NOT try to just learn by doing. Ask me how I know that. It should definitely be noted here that you can NOT place affiliate links in your Facebook ads. You must send them to a ClickFunnel or website or Shopify store. Every ad I start, begins at $1 a day. This is the way I flesh out the winners and the losers to begin with. Once I know what is working, I then scale the winners and turn off the losers. It’s always amazing at how often something I think looks awesome and it doesn’t do squat and something I think sucks gets a ton of clicks. This has repeatedly been a valuable lesson for me over the years. Just because you or I like the looks of something, that doesn’t mean our customers are going to dig it. A/B split-testing is our friend. We can’t run ads without incorporating it into our strategy. Without it, we are just wasting our time and money. MJ DeMarco did this with the cover of his book and found an overwhelming majority loved the cover he thought sucked and the cover that he (and I) liked best was a total dog in the eyes of the majority. In addition to learning how to successfully run your own ads, Kevin David’s Facebook Ads course also teaches you how you can create a local marketing agency and make an awesome income with advertising local dentists, attorney’s, car dealers, etc. All of those business are probably really good at what they do but most of them totally suck when it comes to getting their business known on social media. There is a HUGE opportunity with this!
  • NAMECHEAP – The name alone says it all. I’ve used NameCheap for all of my domains for several years. Definitely the best place to get your domain. They also have great customer service. Coming up with a good domain name is extremely important. Some things to take into consideration when doing so are, the shorter the better, words that are easy to spell are best, it should tell people what your site is about and USUALLY don’t misspell words. I know, I know, I violated the last one for this site. I only did that because the “ROCK IT!” vision I had in my mind required the X to be there for the rocket launch. Some of the domains listed here are excellent examples. Take ClickFunnels, NameCheap, Audible and GetResponse for instance, they meet all of the criteria, don’t they? No matter if you choose to go with ClickFunnels or just a simple WordPress site, NameCheap customer service is ready and willing to help you buy and implement the perfect domain. I know this from personal experience.

These are the tools and resources I use. Many are free. Some are not. Some of them provide me with a small commission for recommending them. If you know of additional resources I should list here, please post in a comment or shoot me an email at Check back often here because as I come up with additional resources, I will add them in to this post. Together, we can help more people realize their success too!

Here’s to your success!


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