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Do you follow Forbe’s Top Influencers?

Man rock-climbing extremely difficult rock-face.

Have you seen Forbe’s top influencers?Forbes now produces a new list every quarter of the top influencers in many different subjects. This is happening all around us. You can do it too!

Digital Influencers are todays version of the California Gold Miners of yesteryear.

We live in the greatest time in history to employ Advance Dynamix and totally change our financial lot in life.

The world has met many new Influencers via the plethora of platforms the Internet now provides to each and every one of us. Many of these newly minted millionaires are still in their teens and twenties. Some haven’t even become teenagers yet! It’s an absolutely amazing phenomenon and happening right before our very eyes.

It’s right there for each and every one of us to take part in also. I was born to a single mother who worked two jobs and used food stamps to make ends meet. I sure as hell didn’t have a silver spoon in my mouth. And yet, here we are. I have created a brand many people love and am producing valuable content you have an interest in while helping you learn how to create your brand and change the lives of you and your family forever.

Forbes now produces a new list every quarter of the top influencers in many different subjects. The Forbe’s Top Influencers lists is comprised of topics such as Parenting, Pets, Fashion, Entertainment, Travel, Gaming, Technology and much, much more. The topic possibilities are absolutely endless. Whatever floats your boat, floats the boats of others, too. It’s always cool to see what’s new on this list each year. As I write this, I’m super-stoked to see what’s in store for the Forbes Top Influencers of 2020!

But, this Forbes Top Influencers list doesn’t even come close to scratching the surface of how many people are totally loving life today as they teach others what they know about their topics of common interest and making tons of new friends who share that common interest in the process.

The Interwebs makes it extremely simple for you to connect with these other like-minded amigos. These influencers have ramped up their following on digital springboards such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Many have done it by simply providing excellent content to their readership. Many have done it with very little cash outlay. Did you know television viewership has repeatedly gone down over the last decade? These platforms are the future. These platforms are OUR future!

There are digital influencers taking advantage of the tools available to us in many different and very interesting ways. There is a father and son team out there who have financially changed their lives forever simply by cutting things in half and sharing the videos with the world. They are having a great time doing it and people absolutely love the content they are creating.

There are kids making millions of dollars per year simply by covering Minecraft. One young man makes over $11 million dollars per year by posting humor and music to his YouTube channel. He is just connecting with people who like what he is doing, having a great time and making a fat stack of cash while he is doing it. He is now (and will forever be) known as a “YouTuber.” He is a Rockstar YouTuber in my book.

The list goes on and on. My point is this, the possibilities are absolutely endless. It just takes you making the commitment and not quitting. Making this work totally depends on you providing excellent, valuable content to people who want and need it. And, it depends on you not giving up. 

Instant gratification has unknowingly hamstrung many from continuing to work through the many trials, tribulations and setbacks that are inevitable with starting any business. Once you realize and understand this, you are one step closer to making it happen. It’s up to you to keep pushing forward until you accomplish your goals. Winners never quit. Go forth and build your brand today!

The more cash you have to outlay, the faster you will be able to ramp up your following. That being said, you should never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. Your marketing will be your key to your success. It should be your number one focus. No matter what your business is, its marketing is its life-blood. 

Marketing via producing tons of high-quality content is the way to go when you are starting out. That is exactly how most of the Forbe’s top influencers got on the list. Wait to spend money on Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing until you have expendable income you can afford to lose. Because, trust me, you will not be profitable with ads straight out of the gate! Tons of awesome content that you created coupled with great SEO practices is what is going to bring your tribe to you. Focus everything you have on this when you are starting out. Plan for doing this every single day for 3-5 years. If it happens faster for you awesome but plan on 3-5 years of honest, hard work if you are truly serious about being successful.

Legendary Marketer provides one of the absolutely best training programs on marketing I have seen. Everything they teach revolves around integrity. I don’t know about you but that means a ton to me. In this day and age, it seems like there is a marketer around every corner who couldn’t care less about the prospective customer and is only trying to make more money. That isn’t the case with Legendary Marketer. They understand the more they are able to help others, the more they will make as a result.

Zig Ziglar hit this nail on the head over twenty years ago when he said, “You can have everything you want in life, if you can just help enough others get what they want.” I saw him speak live in 1998 and when it said that, it really hit home with me. This very same message is seen repeatedly in the training products the Legendary Marketer team continue to provide us with. 

As you are probably aware, I chose Facebook as my marketing platform of choice to begin with. As I was going through the process of figuring out who my target market was, I learned something I thought was extremely interesting. I started out marketing to people who had an interest in entrepreneurship. Makes sense, right? I thought so too at the time. And, there are hundreds of people who list entrepreneurship as one of their interests on Facebook. Turns out, many of those people just think they are entrepreneurs. Many of my ads and posts had negative (and sometimes really foul) responses. There was even a death threat! Unbelievable!

After much thought and many different attempts, I finally learned that I needed to remove this large (seemingly perfect) target market from my marketing campaigns. Upon deleting them and replacing them with people who have more laser-focused interests identical to mine (Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, Think and Grow Rich, etc,)

I was able to find you and many others who are serious enough about the topic of personal advancement to read books about it. All of the nastiness immediately disappeared. That was one of many setbacks that could have easily made me decide it wasn’t worth it. I marched forward and carried on. Are you glad I did? Many members of the Advance Dynamix family are. I am. My family is. 

I still contribute a lot to my Facebook Page and am currently giving serious consideration to starting a Facebook Group too. That being said, I quit running Facebook ads for the time being. I have redirected that time, effort and money into creating more high-quality blog posts and perfecting my SEO efforts.

Those who sit around and wait for opportunities to come their way find themselves still sitting then when others are actually doing what they had dreamt about. Mediocrity sucks. Get out there and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! That’s what those on the Forbe’s Top Influencers list did and look where it got them!

Rocking it with a off-kilter, reverse mohawk!

By the way, if you are wondering about the back-story to my silly-looking hairstyle from this photo, I assure you it is all for an excellent cause! I’m a proud supporter of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We raise money to fund childhood cancer research. Many, many kids’lives have been saved because of the research the Foundation has funded. It’s a fantastic organization and highly recommend getting involved with it.

You can learn more about how it came to be in the “About Me” section here. I also talk more about it in my exclusive eBook that you can get for free by clicking the link down below. I do this hair thing every year. Maybe you want to get in on that too. We have a ton of fun with it and lots of great things happen because of it.

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