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Do you have a "No Asshole" policy? You should!

Hater’s Gonna Hate – Do You Need To Adopt My Policy?

As I’m listening to my latest book, it occurred to me the last several books I have read on Internet-based businesses, digital marketing, etc all make multiple references to “haters.”

As I contemplated this, it also occurred to me the books I have read that were written prior to the mid-90’s did not make such references.

My conclusion is this: This rather new “hater phenomenon” is a by-product of the of the Digital Age.

Unfortunately, there are keyboard warriors out there who spew their hatred and poison as they hide behind the thin veil of their cellphone or laptop. Presumably, these type of demeaning/hateful comments make them feel superior or better about them themselves or something along those lines. It’s too bad this has come to be but it makes it much easier to disregard them when you are aware of it understand it’s just something weak people are going to do in this day and age.

Just remember: For every hater you have, there are a bunch of others who love what you do. Personally, I have a “No Asshole Policy.” If someone feels the need to be an asshole, they are removed from my life. It’s that simple. Surround yourself with good people who are smarter than you. Assholes and Advance Dynamix are completely opposite of each other!

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