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How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website in 2019 – Both Free and Paid

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website – Both Free and Paid: There are two types of traffic. There is free traffic and paid traffic. Paid traffic saves time. Free traffic saves money. It’s a trade-off. Paid traffic is pricey but if you are serious, you need to spend the money to grow your business as soon as it is possible. 

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic enables you to scale FAST. Much faster than trying to do it with free traffic. The free traffic will begin to grow organically also after you have mastered paid traffic.

Paid traffic is available from many different platforms. Google and Facebook are two of the most popular. In addition, there are also many, many other outlets available as well such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and the list goes on and on and on. I highly recommend you choose the one that is most appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish and stick with it until you have mastered it and there is no more room left for your improvement with it. Many people make the huge mistake of bouncing around from one venue to another trying to make each one work. When in reality, if they just would have spent a little more time and effort to learn the first one that they liked the best, they would have eventually been very successful with it. Don’t fall into the extremely popular trap of Shiny Keys syndrome. It could very well be your downfall if you do.

Free Traffic

Free traffic isn’t free because it costs your time. You can always make more money but we only get so much time. In addition, if your budget is large enough to include it, tools like SEM Rush and Long Tail Pro can help to provide you a plethora of “free” traffic.

If I gave you a $10 dollar bill for every dollar you gave me, how many dollars would you give me? As many as you had, right? Of course! Once you have mastered paid traffic, you can grow money on your newly-found money tree whenever you want! 

However, if you are flat broke and must do free traffic to begin with, you have a couple of great options to get started. 

Start A Blog

You can (and should) start a blog and provide people with high-quality WRITTEN content for FREE! Oftentimes, we assume since we know something everyone else knows it too. That just isn’t the case. I guarantee you know more about one of your favorite topics than others do. When the time comes that they want to learn that topic, why not help them with that!?

In addition to your website/blog, YouTube is also your friend. Start a vlog and provide people with high-quality VIDEO content for FREE! People go to YouTube all the time to learn new things they are interested in. It doesn’t cost you anything to post your videos. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can bring many eyes to your blog or your vlog. Yes, SEO on YouTube is a thing. 

The Internet revolves around keywords. You must incorporate keywords into whatever you are doing. You MUST do keyword research rather than just guessing what people are searching for. 

The Google Keyword Planner tool is extremely helpful. If you are using Google Chrome, you can also install the Keywords Everywhere extension. They are both free. 

As you may already know, social proof is of the utmost importance in this day and age. You must have your social proof in place before attempting any type of paid advertising. Obviously, it’s important for non-paid advertising as well but it’s absolutely imperative you have it in place prior to doing any type of paid marketing.

I personally love using Faceplace (I don’t like to throw the “book” in there because they get a little funny from time to time when you toss their name around but you get my gist) for my marketing. Worldwide, there are over 2.3 BILLION users and just in the United States, there are over 220 million. That’s 67% of the US population alone. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Now, one caveat is people don’t log in to the Face with the intention of buying something like they do on Amazon and oftentimes, Google. That being said, the Place has an extremely robust algorithm and a scary amount of data points on the majority of the population. This makes it really easy to drill down and find exactly the people who are in to the same things you are.

Page likes for your social proof can be much more expensive in the US and the UK than they are in other parts of the world. I stumbled across a little strategy that has helped me to lower that cost quite a bit and get the social proof part up and running in three days or less. To begin with, I run a page likes campaign and select “worldwide” as my audience. Everyone is in this audience. I don’t limit age or sex or any other paramters at this point. I use a $20 per day budget for this. Then, I remove the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I run the ad for 24 hours and make sure it has at least 2,000 likes. Once those have been accomplished, on the second day, I make a copy of the first one and run it too. Once, it too has run for at least 24 hours and also accumulated at least 2,000 likes, I alter it to run in the United States and remove all other locations. On the third day, I turn off the first one and continue to run the copy for the US only until I am happy with the results. I have found this gets me US page likes for pennies on the dollar in comparison to just running a US page like campaign to begin with. Doing it that way can cost several dollars per page-like. Doing it my way usually gets them down to below thirty cents a pop!

Once I’m happy with the amount of page likes, I begin running my ads. You can not just run an affiliate link in a Faceplace ad and they get really funny about running memes with quotes from famous leaders and the like. I have found that advertising a blog post I have written that is chock-full of value for the readers (such as this one) brings me the best results. I usually couple the link to the post, add in a real picture of me that is fun and engaging and add a little bit of teaser copy that encourages the reader to want to click the link and read the entire blog post. 

Here is where it gets good. As I said before, the algorithm and the amount of data points they have on everyone is so vast it is scary. This is why I like this method. You must run a bunch of test ads to find your sweet spot. Once you figure out exactly who your audience is, your ads are going to be less expensive. The algorithm penalizes you for marketing to people you shouldn’t be marketing to. I usually break it down into groups of one sex or the other in 5-10 year age ranges. Each of those audiences must have at least one of the interests I select. For instance, if I had a “life in the country” blog, I would select people who like “Country Living” magazine, Kubota small tractors, farm fresh eggs, etc. If I’m marketing new homes to a target market that is near a military base, I’m going to drill down to specific zip codes and people who like that specific base. You get the idea. It’s pretty in-depth. If you are going to truly learn to make this work, you have to commit to making it happen. It’s going to take some time and money to get it dialed in. I’ve been doing it for quite a while and I still learn new things all the time. 

There is a drop-down for suggestions that is really helpful also. Type something in and then hit that suggestion box and you will get a ton of suggestions you hadn’t thought of. 

The pixel is extremely important. I’m not going to go in depth on it here. Check out some YouTube videos on it and you will get it figured out fairly quickly. Once you have it up and running, you will be able to begin doing “re-targeting” marketing. VERY cool stuff! 

There is a link to a great Facebook course on this topic over on my resources page. It seemed kind of expensive when I first saw it but it has been extremely beneficial to me!

Paid advertising is similar to major league baseball. If you are hitting 30%, you are doing awesome! Newbies go in expecting to bat 1,000 and that just isn’t realistic. Paid advertising is a skill in and of itself. A/B split-testing is extremely important. I guarantee you will repeatedly be surprised by what does well and what doesn’t do well with your potential customers.  

You Must Have Traffic!

Your business is totally dependent upon you learning the art of driving traffic. Without traffic, you have no customers. Without customers, you don’t have a business, you only have a time-consuming hobby. Need to learn more? YouTube and Google are our friends. Additionally, there are excellent resources to help you learn absolutely everything you need right here on Advance Dynamix. Click here to access them. Go learn, take MASSIVE ACTION and ROCK IT!

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