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Learn how to SEO

Learn how to SEO

Learn how to SEO

So you want to learn how to SEO. Whether you decide to do a blog or vlog, you need to learn how to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

King of the Hill

As of the time I am writing this, Google and YouTube are the two largest search engines in the world. Google owns YouTube. Google is truly king of the hill when it comes to searching the Internet. Google serves up 3.5 BILLION searches each and every single DAY! 5 BILLION videos are watched on YouTube every single DAY! Search Engine Optimization is how your future tribe is going to find you. You are the reason they are going to keep coming back. 

First off, it is NOT necessary to submit each of your URL’s to Google. Google is going to crawl your site and they are going to set a crawl schedule based upon how often you are creating and posting awesome content. We all want site crawls as fast and often as possible, right? Sooooo, make sure you are creating a BUNCH of high-quality content that is helpful to your followers and enjoyable to read. I know it sounds like I’m beating a dead horse with this whole content creation thing but it totally bears repeating over and over. Awesome content is the cornerstone of you making this whole affiliate marketing thing happen in a major way!

Quality Over Quantity

Longer posts and videos are better than shorter ones are. That being said, quality content is every bit as important as well. And, maybe even more important. So, make sure you are putting in the proper amount of time and effort into your research prior to serving your hot content up on its silver platter. 

Okay, let’s get started with the meat and potatoes of search engine optimization. First, login to your WordPress backend and scroll down to “Settings” on the left sidebar. It’s just below “Tools.” Click “Settings” and then “Reading” and scroll down to “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” Make sure this is UNchecked. It should automatically be unchecked but you want to double-check, just in case. If that box were to be checked it could have catastrophic results in relation to everything we are trying to accomplish here. 

Next, Click on “Settings” and scroll down to WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Here, you will determine whether you will add the “www” prior to your domain or not. It doesn’t matter either way but once you set it, you need to leave it that way. Changing it later will have a negative effect on what we are trying to accomplish here. Mine looks like this: 

Next, scroll down to “Settings” again and this time, click on “Permalinks.” Select the one that says “Post Name.” This is extremely important. You are going to be using keyword tools such as Ubersuggest, Long Tail Pro, Project 24 from Income School and SEM Rush to come up with your post name. Clicking this radio button will then help to propel your post name and keyword phrase together in SEO land. 

Next, contact the awesome tech support people over at WPX Hosting and ask them to install the free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your site for you. They can and happily will do this for you for free in a matter of minutes. This will change your http to https. That is good for SEO, Google loves it and it gives your tribe one more reason to know they can trust you. 

Guess What?

Guessing on what the best keywords are rarely works in our favor as far as I am concerned. This is the one and only thing I disagree with the guys over at Income School on. They are totally against keyword research. Don’t misunderstand me. They have been extremely successful with their methods so I am sure as hell not poo-pooing what they teach by any stretch. I have learned a ton from them I recommend them 100%! That being said, just know that I still like to use my keyword tools when I’m working on blog posts. As weird as it may sound to you, there is an excellent chance a ton of other people are using that exact search term you found with your keyword tools and it’s probably not the one you originally thought sounded the best. 

Take the title of this post for instance. I would have never guessed in a million years that “Learn how to SEO” would be a very decent longtail keyword to go after. And yet, the totally free tool offered by Master SEO, Neil Patel known as Ubersuggest told me that 2,400 people search for that phrase each month and it has an easy SEO ranking of 24. All this, according to the awesome (and FREE!) tool on Neil’s site. Thanks for not charging us for this awesome tool, Neil. 

At first, I had wanted to use “Learn SEO basics” as my title. But, Ubersuggest told me that only 70 people search for that term each month and its SEO ranking was a 25. Just a touch more difficult than the title I ended up going with and “Learn how to SEO” was 34 times better than this one. No brainer, huh? Without Ubersuggest, I wouldn’t have known that. 

You need to set up your Google Search Console. Once you click the link, it is pretty much self-explanatory from there. Just login and click on “Add New Property” and enter your awesome website domain that you bought over at NameCheap. It will then give you four different ways to verify it is your site. Once you have that taken care of, you will need to click the “Sitemaps” link over on the left under “Index” and submit the link to your XML sitemap.

Yoast and Jam

I also use a free WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. They have a free version and a paid version. At the time of this writing, they have a 5 out of 5 star rating with over 27,000 reviews and over 5 MILLION users. Numbers don’t lie, my friend. In the law enforcement world, we would call those numbers a freaking clue! 

Once you have your Yoast SEO plugin installed, it will walk you through a very easy setup sequence. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

There are so many little things that should be done that Yoast SEO will help you with. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully grasp this at the beginning. So, I had to go back through older posts and make adjustments. For instance, Who knew that Google prefers paragraphs to be less than 150 words? I sure didn’t. So now, you will see some goofy paragraph breaks from time-to-time in my posts because of this. Pay attention to all of the alerts that Yoast gives you at the bottom of your posts and go fix them. Google will give you more love for it. You can also click on the Yoast logo at the top of your post and it will move the SEO stuff from the bottom of your post to the right sidebar.

Some of the common errors to be on the lookout for are your focus keyphrase, tags, Alt Text, Snippet Preview and everything they list in red and orange under the heading of “Analysis Results.” Meta tags and meta descriptions are a thing of the past. Google doesn’t pay attention to that anymore. Google picks their own meta description out of your content. Don’t waste your time. 

Your Yoast SEO plugin will create your XML sitemap automatically. Once it is created, the link to it will be This is the link you will need to enter into your Google Search Console. 

You have probably heard the phrase, “Many hands make light work.” My good friend, Mike says it quite often and I love it. It is very true. There’s nothing like being part of a great team! 

Take It Easy

Take it easy on your budget when you are first getting started. There are paid tools available to you that can do just this. However, a lot of us don’t have a huge budget to spend on tools when we are first starting out. If you do, congratulations! Long Tail Pro and SEM Rush are two awesome paid tools you should definitely check out. You can totally get started without them but they can definitely speed up your process if you have the financial ability to utilize them from the get-go. 

Long Tail Pro is a cost-effective, one-stop solution that can help you drastically increase your site traffic and subsequently your revenue too. It can help you generate hundreds of keyword ideas, identify keyword profitability based on how your website generates revenue and perform competitive analysis. All of this and more…in a matter of minutes. 

SEM Rush is used by over 4 million Internet Marketers just like you and me. SEM Rush gives you the ability to analyze data on more than 580 million domains and more than 16 billion keywords. It can help you uncover your competitors’ organic search, paid, content, PR, and social media strategies and find the most profitable keywords for your website. It was voted the best SEO Tool of 2018.

This isn’t really so much of an SEO related tip but it will help you get more post reads if you have evergreen content in your posts. I use a WordPress plugin called “WP Date Remover” by Selma Mariudottir. You see, as your original post dates get further and further away, readers will be deterred from reading them due to the misconception your post information is possibly out of date. This plugin removes that issue by removing the dates from your posts. If you do use this plugin, it is up to you to make sure you keep your post information updated as it should be. 
I hope you have found this post helpful and it helps to launch your business that much faster. If you haven’t checked out the boys over at Income School and their Project24, I highly recommend it. Those guys are a fantastic help at getting you off to a great start!

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