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Making It Happen!

Making It Happen! You are one decision away from totally changing your life. ~Tony Robbins
You are one decision away from totally changing your life. ~Tony Robbins

Making It Happen!It’s now time to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! So, you have read enough and you now know it’s time to start making it happen. I know exactly how you feel right now. I was there too. I was sooooo excited! And, you know what? I STILL AM EXCITED ABOUT IT! I remember thinking to myself, “How in the hell has this been happening all around me and I haven’t been able to see it!?” 

I Read The Books And Still Didn’t Take Action!

The funny thing is I have read many books over the last fifteen or twenty years that included success stories of affiliate marketers. A lot of them are still sitting on the shelves of my personal library. For whatever reason, it never struck me that I could do the same damn thing! Now, how does that happen? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it took someone actually saying I could do it in the content they put out for me. Well, that is when it came to light for me anyway. So, in case you need to hear me say this in order for it to flip the switch for you too, YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO THIS! There, no excuses now. Get out there and start making it happen!

I drive everyone crazy now. I get excited all over again every time someone Google’s or YouTube’s a question and another, obviously successful blogger or vlogger helping one of us answer whatever the question of the minute is pops up, ready to help. It really becomes kind of a sickness. Sorry, but welcome to the group now! LOL! From here on out, you too will now get giddy each time you are able to spot another one.

Commit 100%

Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day.
Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day.

One of the absolute most important necessary ingredients to making it happen is your 100% commitment. You just can’t half-ass the task! If you are going to do this, if you are truly going to make it happen, you absolutely must make a conscious decision to give it everything you’ve got and not let up. The scam artists and Internet hucksters would have you believe you can begin making it happen right away. That isn’t true whatsoever. The only reason they are saying shit like that is because they just want to make more money. They don’t truly care if you are successful or not. The only thing they care about is padding their pocketbook some more. 

I’ve said it before but it can’t be said enough because this is the number one reason people aren’t successful: You MUST be prepared to put in the time! Could it happen for you in twelve months or less? Yeah, sure. But, probably not. More than likely, it’s going to take you somewhere between two years and five years of really hard, consistent work. 

Seriously though, think about it like this. How much are you bringing home every month with your job? Your not quitting your job, right? You better not be. That would be a total mistake. 

So, since we have determined you aren’t quitting your job, that means you are going to do it in your spare time. That’s the same way we all do it. So, you have made the decision to do this instead of wasting your time with brain-fried reruns of Friends, right? Because of this, you are not under any stress. You can just keep plugging away until it happens. 

Say you are bringing home $5,000 per month. If it takes you two years to replace that, cool. Right? If it takes you five years, cool. Right? But, what if you build it to $10,000 or $20,000 per month five years from now? Then what? Got anything else lined up with that kind of potential that you can start in your spare time? Pretty damn exciting any way you slice it! 

Is it guaranteed? Hell no it’s not guaranteed! Could you fall flat on your face and lose time and money? Of course you could. Your success is totally dependent upon the amount of work you do and the decisions you make. Really though, that’s true with anything in life, right? We each have to take total responsibility for our own actions. Whether it’s for our wins or for our learning opportunities. Either way, we must own them. 

Time vs Money

Like with anything, there is a time vs money continuum involved to a certain extent. Can you get started with less than a hundred bucks? Heck yeah, you can! Could you straighten out your learning curve and make shit happen faster by spending money on a training course like Legendary Marketer, Facebook Master’s Course and/or Project 24 from Income School? Hell yes it’s possible!

Will it take two to five years or even longer to have your SEO picked up by Googleland and shown to massive groups of Internet eyes every single month? Yep. Could you mix in a big chunk of your own ad spend for Facebook Ads, Google AdWords or a whole host of other advertising options? Hell yes, you could! You could really speed the whole process up with things like that. And, you could possibly just waste a bunch of extra time and money trying to figure it out and not get any further at all. 

You see, the bottom line is, it is all up to you. This is your business. You are running it. You are the boss. That means you have to make your own decisions for your business and once again, you have to own it no matter whether you win or you just learn. 

Give Yourself The Most Bang For Your Buck

ADD*A*2UDE - A positive one makes all the difference.
ADD*A*2UDE – A positive one makes all the difference.

I listened to a podcast a couple weeks ago that was really good. At the beginning of the podcast, the podcaster stated that it had been derived from one of his YouTube videos. A light went off in my head. What a genius idea. This individual started with a YouTube channel. He was a vlogger. Once he gained a little traction, he then started a podcast channel and paid someone to transfer all of his YouTube content to podcast content. Boom! Now, he is reaching more people. 

Next, he could take it even a step further and pay someone to type out his podcast material as if it were dictation for a report and make a blog post out of that. I haven’t done this yet but I have every intention to do so. It makes all the sense in the world. You should definitely consider doing this as well.

Let’s take it even one step further than that. What totally solidifies in people’s minds you know what you’re talking about and are an expert in your field? Being a published author, right? Yes, of course. 

Once you have created a large quantity of great, high-quality content that is jam-packed with your individual personality, hire someone to write a book from that content. Boom! You are now a published author too. 

Mom always said, “Work smart, not hard.” I believe we should do both. The actionable items I have listed for you in the paragraphs above definitely fall into the working smart category.

Set Your Goals

Set your goals but be flexible. You are not going to nail it every single time. When you miss one, don’t kick your own ass. Back up, regroup and go at it again until you hit it. Just don’t quit. Quitting is quitters shit. You aren’t a quitter.

How do you eat a horse? One bite at a time. Chop those goals up into different sizes. Work on the pieces of that first, larger one until you have accomplished the really larger one. Complete the next moderately sized goal the same way. By completing all of the smaller goals within it. Keep chipping away at the big picture this way until one day, you wake up and suddenly realize you’ve eaten the whole enchilada. Just that easy. 

While you are in the middle of setting your goals, you are “in state.” You are totally focused. You are 100% in that mindset. This is the time to commit yourself to something that makes you follow through. No matter what, do not leave that mindset without doing something that is going to commit you to taking the action you need to take in order to accomplish your ultimate goal. 

What is your ultimate goal? It’s not something big like to make more money or to buy a new car. It’s not even something more specific like to buy a Lamborghini or even to buy a Lamborghini Aventador. While those are all great goals, they are not your ultimate goal. You have to figure out what your ultimate goal is.

My ultimate goal is to become one hundred percent free. Free to spend all of my time doing anything I want with everyone I want to do it with anytime I feel like it. I can’t do that yet. Can you? It is going to happen though. I know this because it’s my ultimate goal.

In order to become free, you have to make sure you are marketing the right products. You can learn how to do that here.

Just Rock It!

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. ~Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese's
The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. ~Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese’s

There is a reason Nike”s tag line, Just Do It was so popular. Taking massive action is a big and apparently, much easier said than done. 

People get stuck in places like Analysis Paralysis and Dreamland and end up never making shit happen. Hell, take me for instance! I’m your perfect example of that! I read books and dreamt for years and years but didn’t actually put the pedal to the medal until recently. 

Do What Matters

Corporate management wizard, Peter F. Drucker once said, there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Tony Robbins set it a little bit differently. Tony tells us most people major in minor things. Tony tells us activity without purpose is the drain to our life.

It is very easy to get caught up in doing shit that makes you feel busy but does not really have any type of purpose for the final outcome you’re driving towards. Busy work is a waste of your time. Always be mindful that you are not doing things just for the sake of doing things. 

For instance, no matter whether you decide to become a blogger, vlogger or podcaster, you’re very most important item every single day is hitting the publish button. If you are not creating fresh, new content, you are not making progress. Ask me how I know. 

Even the Google algorithm has “speed of fresh new content” worked into them. Tests have been done on this. Thirty new blog posts in 30 days ranked much higher than 30 new blog posts over the course of six months (all other factors being equal).

Page load speed for your blog is an extremely important factor for the Google algorithms. I spent two solid weeks working on this one subject. 

In hindsight, I should have paid someone else to do that for me. There are professionals out there who could have done it much faster and much more easily than I did. Anybody that specializes in that realm can do that. Not anybody can write my posts for me. It takes my personality to do that. I would have been much better off focusing my time on creating two weeks worth of fresh, new content rather than trying to learn how to become a better computer geek. 

In hindsight, I was only making busy work for myself. Learn from my mistakes.

Tony Robbins talks a lot about taking massive action. Many of his speeches include those three words. He is a great resource to keep you motivated. If you don’t read watch or listen to Tony, you need to incorporate that into your content buffet. Hell, I believe it’s so important that I have a t-shirt that says CAUTION: I take Massive Action! You can get that same t-shirt on my website.

Again, learn from my mistakes. Get out there RIGHT NOW and start making it happen. Get out there RIGHT NOW and JUST ROCK IT!

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