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Money To Retire – The time was almost here and I was sick to my stomach…

I had worked very hard so I could enjoy retirement. Now, it was almost here and I was sick to my stomach…

I remember the morning like it was yesterday. I had worked extremely hard and given my entire life to my career and was now only a few short years from retirement. I had worked hard all those years and was ready to enjoy fishing with the grandkids and travelling the world with my wife by sea.

That’s what retirement is supposed to be, right? Finally having the time and ability to do the things you love with the people you love. My dream-bubble of my retirement had just been popped with a big, razor-sharp needle! The human resource lady had prepared my retirement report and just sent it to me. I felt like I had just been hit in the stomach with a sledge-hammer.

I didn’t need to use some fancy-dancy “income in retirement calculator” to figure out I had a problem. The report from HR indicated I was going to need an extra $1,500 per month to continue living life the way I had become accustomed to. “What the hell is this!?! Retirement means to retire, right?”, the voice in my head screamed.

I looked up the definition just in case. I was correct. It means to leave your job and quit working. But in my case, it was going to mean I would need to find another job. Screw that! I had worked hard all these years and was mentally ready to retire. I sure as hell wasn’t going to just find another job to go to if I could figure out a different way. 

If you have ever wondered about how to make money on YouTube or how to make money on WordPress, you just found the answers. It was right under my nose, just sitting there waiting for me to see it. I still can’t believe I didn’t see it for such a long time. Then one day, I was reading a blog post just like this one and it finally struck me like a bolt of lightning. I had an epiphany. I finally had my a-ha moment.

Since the mid-90’s, I had always wanted to make money with a computer. I knew there was a ton of opportunity on the Internet. I tried and tried to learn how to make money on the Internet.

I had tried several different approaches in the past but I had just never been able to put anything together. Everything I tried to do fell apart for one reason or another. I began to search the Interwebs for something that would enable me to actually retire the way I had envisioned instead of just mindlessly hopping over to another 40+-hour-per-week time-suck.

What I found was a bunch of young kids yelling at me on YouTube and bragging about their Lamborghini’s. Sure, I love fast cars too but my bullshit detector was going off. Were these kids for real or were these cars something they had rented so they could look flashy and try to scam me? Maybe they were legit and maybe they weren’t. One thing was certain, I wasn’t interested in giving them fat stacks of my hard-earned savings in order to find out! 

Then, I found a guy I could identify with. He was an adult. He was thirty-something and had given years of his life to working for the government too, just like me. He wasn’t yelling at me. He wasn’t bragging about a bunch of crap he had supposedly bought from the millions and millions of dollars he had supposedly acquired from a web business. He was honestly telling his story and explaining what he had found to supplement his income. This guy was legitimate. I could tell he was talking from the heart and wasn’t trying to bullshit me.

Come to find out, the concept was really simple. He was creating lots of high-quality content that was helping people and recommending digital tools and training that he liked and thought others could benefit from too. He was an Affiliate Marketer. Super simple, yes? A lot of work but a very simple concept.

Much to his surprise (and mine after I read it), within three years, he stepped away from his government job. He had already put ten years into a career he would have been able to retire from after serving twenty. He was half-way to his retirement. He had great government benefits. He never had to worry about getting laid off. He had all that and he QUIT! How could anyone in their right mind even remotely consider making a move like this?

He made over $700,000 that year, that’s how. That’s probably close to ten times what he had been making at his job that had been sucking the life out of him and forcing him to spend countless hours with strangers instead of the ones he loved. I watched a video on his website and the rest, as they say, is history.

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