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My Story

Hi, I’m Grant. Here, one of my best friends, Shayne and I are volunteering our time and grill skills to support the Young Marines and Fraternal Order of Eagles. Though the world may scoff and jest, a life of service is the best!

I was 50-something and felt like I had just got punched in the gut! πŸ‘Š

I was about to reach retirement and got slammed in the face with the realization I was going to need an extra $1,500 per month in order to actually retire! You know, retire in the true sense of the word. Not leave the job you have been at for the last 20, 30 or 40 years just to go to another job. Then, I stumbled across this awesome solution. This solution is available for all of us.

Hi, I’m Grant, founder and Chief Fun Officer at Advance Dynamix. I’m 50-something and living proof old(er) dogs CAN learn new tricks.

I’ve been writing for a while now. I wrote my first article in high-school, back in the 80’s. I wrote a monthly article for the high school newspaper called the “Rocker’s Review.” My mom was so proud of her son, the author. She still has my very first article framed and hanging on the wall. I would read all of the magazines that covered rock bands. Magazines like Circus, Hit Parader and Rolling Stone. I had stacks of them I would carry around and read. Once I had conducted enough research, I would write my article. I reviewed bands like Motley Crue, Ozzy Ozbourne and Heart. I’ve always loved heavy metal and I loved writing about the bands I loved listening to.

Having fun and raising lots of money for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We raise money to fund research that fights kids’ cancers. We’ve raised almost $250,000 so far!

I have always loved working to become better every day. I first saw Zig Ziglar and Coach Lou Holtz speak live at Success ’98 in Wichita, Kansas. That experience had a profound impact on me and planted the seed that eventually became the Advance Dynamix you see here today. I’ve been consuming content from them and many others like them since then. Now, I get to continue to do what I love while helping you, the reader do the same. What an awesome gig!

I graduated from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas with a Master of Science in Management some twenty years ago. I used to laugh about the “Magical eleven-page Paper.” It seemed like the majority of homework assignments involved me writing an eleven-page paper. Every time the professor would give out a homework assignment, I would always wonder what in the hell was so magical about eleven pages. Why not ten pages? Why not 20 pages? Nope. For whatever reason, eleven pages was the magical length!

I started my law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff in 1988 in Dodge City, Kansas. Yes, that’s Wyatt Earp’s old stompin’ grounds too. I’ve always thought it was pretty cool to have enforced the laws in the same place Wyatt Earp did, only 100 years after him. Me and the guys I worked with back then are still extremely close today. We are best friends for life. I left Dodge City a long time ago.

My chosen career may have given me a little bit of a leg up on this whole blog writing thing. You see, I’ve been writing reports my entire career so writing a blog post pretty much comes second-nature to me. That’s not to say you can’t do it by any means. I think just about anyone can get really good at it with a little practice and a great attitude (anything in life is more difficult with a poor attitude. If you have a bad attitude, fix that!). Especially with the tools available to us today. I write my posts in Google Docs and then transfer them over to WordPress. This helps immensely with spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Cruisin’ in the Caribbean with my redhead (I guess she was kind of blonde on this particular trip though)!

My point here is, if you are or were a law enforcement officer or write often for any other profession, you may find that writing a blog comes second-nature for you. But, even if you have never written a report in your life, you can definitely learn how to do it and make it happen! Often times, when I’m working on a post, I just open the Google Doc that contains my post on my cellphone and begin speaking into the speech-to-text feature. You can create a great post, written in your voice, in a very short time by doing it this way. Always be sure to go back and proofread it and clean it up before publishing though.

Today, I’m still working a full-time job (and then some) while building this side-hustle business. Unlike many, I have my dream job and absolutely love what I do. Unfortunately, loving my job has created a comfort zone for me over the years that has more-than-likely been a great hindrance to me creating a highly successful business in the past. If I had hated my job, I probably would have been laser-focused a long time ago.

I am close to retirement. I recently spoke with HR and was given a report on what my retirement was going to look like. Once I realized I was going to need an additional $1,500 per month to enjoy the same income in retirement that I currently do, I made a conscious decision to take my business extremely seriously and just ROCK IT! 🀘🀘

I am a Blogger and a Digital Affiliate Marketer. The content I create contains affiliate links. This means I receive a commission when you click the links and purchase the digital products I share with you. This is affiliate marketing. I share valuable knowledge with you and in return, I make some money as you build your business.

I have dabbled with different Internet-based business models over the years but never really had much success. My side-hustle ideas always seemed to fall flat on their face.

Today, I understand most would have been successful had I put forth the time, effort and money required to actually make it happen. I just didn’t have a full grasp of what was actually necessary for success. Starting a new business is initially really fun and exciting. Then, it becomes a lot of work that doesn’t directly result in immediate gratification. This is the period I call The Chasm. The Chasm gobbles up many aspiring entrepreneurs. They simply give up and quit too soon. Beware of The Chasm.

Did you know the average time for a blog post to make it through all of the hoops at Google and actually begin getting fed into the SERP’s is approximately nine months? NINE MONTHS! That’s a heck of a long time to wait to see if your work is going to gain any traction at all or just fall flat on its face. No wonder so many people quit too early. Going in to it with this type of information in mind will help you build up your tenacity mindset as you move forward with your new business.

Before I found Jim & Ricky over Income School, I didn’t know that. I have learned a ton of other great stuff from them as well. Without the massive help of their Project 24 program, I would still be flailing around like a fish out of water. Their membership is really inexpensive in comparison to many others and it features a heck of a lot more than just starting a profitable blog/vlog business on WordPress and Youtube. I have paid much more for much less in the past for sure. I highly recommend Project 24!

As I reflected back on business ideas I had fired up in the past, it occurred to me many actually had the bones to become a very viable business. What I didn’t understand at that time was, the time, work and money (The Chasm) that was actually required to get a business off the ground and molded into a viable endeavor.

Catching walleye! I absolutely love the lake life!

It’s amazing how much of a positive impact just one book can have on your life. I am huge proponent of reading. I mostly read self-development books. It has been said most CEO’s average a book a week. Maybe that’s why they enjoy such large incomes. Tai Lopez reads a book a day. Maybe that’s why his income dwarfs the income of many CEO’s!

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are reading this, I suspect you are an entrepreneur too.

If you love the idea of creating an awesome passive income with your laptop from anywhere you have a WiFi connection, you are definitely in the right place!

We don’t know what we don’t know. Most people have zero interest in furthering their knowledge and learning how they can advance in life. Maybe they think they already know it all, maybe they are just lazy. Not you and me, we’re different. We have a willingness to learn and a thirst for acquiring more knowledge that will help us to advance. We understand there is more out there, waiting for us to go get it. Get my free eBook at the bottom of this page to learn more about how you can actually make money online, who I am, what lead me to where I am today and the people responsible for the way I think and who shaped who I am today.

Maybe you are just getting started or maybe you have been working to figure it all out but just haven’t had the results you were looking for yet. YET is the keyword in that last sentence. Perhaps you are frustrated and just can’t seem to get the results you are looking for. Believe me, I know that feeling of total frustration oh too well!

Over the years, I have created and sold physical products, operated an Amazon store, earned my real estate license and bought and sold properties, flipped houses, created an online service website concept, tried Amway/Quixtar and other MLM’s and just about anything else you can think of.

Yeah, I know, you are saying, β€œMLM’s!?!” What in the hell was he thinking!? I don’t know what I was thinking either. After buying product and business expenses, I never made a dime with that. Most don’t.

No matter where you are in your business, you want to advance. Advance Dynamix is here to help you do just that!

Let’s take your business to the next level!

I stumbled across affiliate marketing completely by accident but immediately fell in love with it.

I have been involved with The St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the fight to end childhood cancers for over ten years now. This photo was taken on “Shave Day.” I go into much greater detail about this awesome organization in my ebook. #rockthebald

I love this business because it’s a win/win for everyone. Everyone wins together. Your customer gets the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals, you make money and the course/tool creator makes money. EVERYONE WINS!

I truly believe just about anyone can be successful with an online business IF they are 1) honest with themselves about the amount of work they put in and 2) they don’t give up too early. Unfortunately, most people quit well before they achieve their goals. You have to truly want it though. You must make a decision to commit, work extremely hard, follow through and vow to not give up! When others are watching Game of Thrones or aimlessly perusing Facebook, I’m working to build my business. It all comes down to what you want the most. If watching TV or Faceplacing is your thing, cool, watch more TV or scroll through Faceplace some more. BUT, if learning to advance your current state and then actually DOING IT is your thing, then JUST ROCK IT! I’m here to help you. πŸš€πŸš€

In order to be successful, you must make a decision to commit to keep pushing forward until you make it happen. It won’t happen overnight and there is a lot of work involved. You CAN do this! But, YOU have to make the decision. It’s all up to you!

I’ve written a nuts and bolts blog post here that will enable you to launch your ROCK IT! I have also written many other articles that can and will help you get your Rock It off the launch pad.

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