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What Happens If I Didn’t Save Enough For Retirement?

Are you concerned that maybe you didn’t save enough for retirement? Enough to live comfortably once it is time to retire? It took me by surprise. I thought I had it taken care of. I was wrong. Suddenly, I was extremely concerned about it.

I hadn’t saved enough to retire. I was very close to retiring when the human resources lady informed me I was going to need approximately $1,500 a month more in order to continue enjoying the same level of comfort I had become accustomed to. I found the solution, while helping others in the process. I love a win/win!

I had a few different options on the table. Some were okay, some were not so okay, one totally sucked and one was absolutely awesome. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Keep Working The Same Job

Retirement means doing what you have fun doing.
Retirement means doing what you have fun doing.

Continuing to work at the job that I have been at (for seemingly forever) was definitely still an option but it wasn’t an option that really appealed to me. Although I absolutely love what I do, I was ready to retire.

I’ve been in the same profession for over 30 years and at the same place for close to twenty. I was very ready to trade in the alarm clock that goes off at 4 o’clock every morning. I was ready to exchange it for six Saturdays and Sunday.

Not that my sleep habits would change a lot but, I thoroughly enjoy leisurely waking up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee while watching the news or learning something new. It is much easier to enjoy the sunrise when you are not rushing through the shower and then racing off to go fight traffic. Fighting traffic just to be cooped up in a cramped cubicle for 8 to 12 hours.

Cubicle life is cool and all but it’s just not my thing. With my job, my cubicle is often sitting in the driver’s seat of a car for hours on end. Sitting in a car for the majority of the day, day in and day out is uncomfortable to say the least.

Find Another Job After Retirement

Another option on the table would be to find a different job. However, I looked up the definition of retirement and this option is nowhere within the definition.

I clocked in for my very first job somewhere in the mid 1970’s. I’ve been out there in the working world for a while now. I’m an old dog and have put in my time. I paid my dues. Starting all over somewhere new again was definitely not  ranking highly on my list.

Besides, just like the first option, this also would put a damper on taking my grandkids fishing anytime we all wanted to go. Lake life is just as big of a deal for them as it is for me. So far, these are not the best options to say the least.

Downsize My Lifestyle

It's more important to grow your income than cut your expenses. ~Robert Kiyosaki
It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses. ~Robert Kiyosaki

Seriously, who wants to downsize their lifestyle? We all create a certain level of comfort for ourselves throughout the years. Pinching My Lifestyle down was definitely not something I was interested in doing either.

I’ve been flat broke and I’m not very good at it. And, even if I was good at it, I still hate it. I’m guessing it probably doesn’t rank real high on your list either.

A very good friend of mine lives in a nice home that’s worth over $300,000. A few months ago, he told me his plan was to sell that house and move into a mobile home when retirement time comes around for him. He and I have both worked entirely too hard and entirely too long just to give up our home and move into a trailer. As we enter into our golden years, it’s important we are comfortable.

This was the third option I was able to come up with but it definitely wasn’t an option on the table for me either.

Need To Die Earlier Than Planned In Order To Make It Work

Out of every option we have discussed, this is the worst one without a doubt. I love life and have absolutely zero interest in it ending early just because I can’t afford to make it work. No, I would work until I can’t move anymore before this would be an option for me. I’m a fighter, not a quitter. I have a make-it-happen mindset, no matter what. If you don’t continue to work to build it. Stand up, keep fighting, make it happen, no matter what!

Rely On Public Assistance

The redhead and I had to do this for a couple of months when we were young kids. It was extremely embarrassing and it is damn sure not anything I have an interest in doing ever again.

Create A Better Alternative

Robert Kiyosaki teaches us that it is much better to learn how to increase your income rather than decrease your lifestyle.

Do you know the Robert Kiyosaki secret to buy this car?
Do you know the Robert Kiyosaki secret to buy this car?

Kiyosaki collects Porsches. Each time he finds one he wants, he creates a new investment that will spin off enough positive cash flow to cover the payments.

For instance, one he found was purchased with the positive cash flow from a storage unit business he bought.

I absolutely love this concept. Even after the payments of the vehicle are long gone, the cash flow is still there and the investment is hopefully appreciating too. And, depending on the car, there is always the possibility it is increasing in appreciation as well. If so, that is another win/win. And, you know how I like win/win’s!

Reading that retirement projection report from the Human Resources office was like a big punch in the gut to me. I knew it was time for me to really focus on figuring out my plan.

All of my life, I have had an interest in being an entrepreneur. But, that was as far as it went. Over the years, I had managed to land some pretty darn good jobs in a career field that I love. Because of that, I never got real serious about being an entrepreneur. Sure, I would dabble in this business opportunity in that business opportunity but I never actually put my nose to the grindstone like I should have.


Stop wishing. Start doing. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!
Stop wishing. Start doing. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

Up until now, building a business had been nothing more than a play toy for me. Then one day, I was dabbling around with one of my play toy business ideas, trying to teach myself more about a topic with it when I stumbled across a video that would solve my dilemma and change my life forever.

I’ve often looked back on this and wonder just how many fantastic business ideas I have previously missed out on just because I had not been serious enough.

The guy in that video I watched was about 15 years my junior but he clearly knew something that I didn’t know and had done something that I would love to be able to do.

He too, had a good job that he loved. And, I could tell that he was honest and sincere as well. He and I had a lot in common. I got really excited. The cool thing is, here we are quite a ways down the road and I’m even more excited today than I was back then. I absolutely love this.

He was an affiliate marketer. He had created an extremely successful affiliate marketing business with digital products. He has created millions of dollars of income with his business model. I knew immediately I needed to learn more about what he was doing.

He was using YouTube and WordPress to Market those products by way of creating high quality digital content for people like me. Not only was I learning things from him for free, I also became his customer.

And so, my journey began. I began to learn as much as I possibly could about the business of affiliate marketing.

During my quest for knowledge, I found Jim and Ricky over at Income School. The product they had created, entitled project 24, was exactly what I had been looking for. Couple that with the knowledge I gained from the legendary marketer program and my life has changed forever. I had found the answers I needed.

Do you love your alarm clock or is it time for change?
Do you love your alarm clock or is it time for change?

Advance Dynamix was created. Today, I absolutely love what I do here. I love it because I know I am helping others. I also love it because I know retirement is not going to be a problem now. And, one other reason I love it is because it does not require the alarm to go off at 4 o’clock in the morning. 

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