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What is personal branding?


What is personal branding? That was my question too so I began doing research and learned quite a bit.

Personal branding is the marketing of your name, your career and your persona. Personal branding is who your potential customers perceive you to be. Personal branding is your reputation. The reputation associated with who you are, what you do and how you are seen by others. It’s the secret sauce that either influences buyers to purchase your products and services or causes them to find what they want and need elsewhere. Today, personal branding creates many Internet Influencers. Many of whom have created absolutely amazing fortunes in the process. 

We all know about corporate branding. Corporate branding has been a thing for a long time. Behemoth corporate brands like Nike, Pepsi and Chevrolet quickly come to mind. Personal branding is essentially the same concept but is wrapped around an individual rather than a faceless corporation. Personal branding has a face associated with it.


"I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don't hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales." ~ Zig Ziglar
“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Ever heard of PewDiePie or Hickok45? Keep reading. You definitely want to know their stories.

Today, we are smack-dab in the middle of the Digital Age. The Digital Age has completely blurred the line between personal branding and company branding in many different ways. Before the Internet, personal branding was much more localized in many cases and definitely existed on a much smaller scale. Before the Internet became a thing, people who were movie stars, radio show hosts, authors, politicians or otherwise were in the limelight for one reason or another were the only ones concerned with their personal branding for the most part. 

For instance, in the 1960’s, everyone knew who John Wayne was. When “The Duke” was mentioned, everyone knew the speaker was referring to John Wayne, the cowboy movie star and all-around badass. John Wayne, also known as “The Duke” was America’s hero.  

In the 1940’s, the radio show of Abbott and Costello was a comedy-based personal brand popular all across the United States. During the World War II era, practically everyone in the Country would gather around their radio to listen in and have a few laughs amidst a very dismal time in history.

Before laptops and cellphones came along, the odds of someone building a personal brand were not good at all. You had to have an “in” or you had to get really lucky. Many aspiring entertainers moved to Los Angeles and New York City, chasing the dream of building their personal brand into total stardom. Few were successful. Most watched their dream fade away right before their very eyes. Today, The Power of the Internet has changed everything.


Here's wishing you health, wealth & happiness as we advance into this brand new decade!
Here’s wishing you health, wealth & happiness as we advance into this brand new decade!

Today, the Internet has leveled the playing field. Thanks to the Digital Age, absolutely anyone can win today. Anyone and everyone now has the ability to reach a worldwide audience and build their personal brand. Really think about that for a minute. This is absolutely huge! We truly live in a very exciting time in history. 

Social media plays an extremely important role in all of this. Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have skyrocketed the personal brands of many. That being said, you must be very careful. All of those outlets and the others as well are constantly making changes that end up having a significant impact on building your personal brand and Internet marketing as a whole. 

When Facebook was in its infancy, it was an absolute hotbed for personal brand building. For instance, look at the hockey stick graph of growth for Taylor Swift’s career. Much of that is a direct result of her team’s hard work and dedication to building her personal brand via all of her social media outlets. 

Unfortunately, what Taylor Swift did on Facebook is much harder to replicate today. In recent years, Facebook has made algorithm changes that significantly cripple those types of campaigns without a huge outlay of cash. All but gone are the days of just riding the social media wave by simply putting it out there. 

Today, their algorithms severely throttle back that type of thing. I worked hard to build the Advance Dynamix Facebook page to well over 15,000 followers. At first glance, that looks quite impressive. However, thanks to their algorithm changes, a blog post I published a couple of weeks ago was only seen by 30 of those 15,000 people. That means only .002 of my followers even saw that post! 

Unpaid Facebook marketing has become a complete time-suck and total waste of time. Paid Facebook marketing still remains a completely different story though.


1.Come up with a great name
2.Create a great logo to go with your new name
3.Make sure you always associate your name with both of the above
4.Create a WordPress site for this new brand
5.Create placeholder social media accounts 
6.Create tons of great content associated with this brand
7.Cross the chasm
  • Come up with a great name

Coming up with a great name can take a little time. Give yourself a specific deadline for this. If you don’t, you can end up driving yourself crazy. The name should be fairly short, easy to spell, easy to remember and have a dot com available for it. You can search for (and buy) available variations at NameCheap. Don’t buy one as soon as you think of it. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve registered a domain and then the next day came up with a better one. $8 to $12 bucks down the drain for no reason. Learn from my mistakes. I also cover these steps in greater detail here. If you haven’t read that blog post yet, it’s a must-read. 

  • Create a great logo to go with your new name

Think of famous corporate logos when you are going through your design process here. One or two colors max. Don’t get carried away with a super detailed logo. Red and blue are two of the most popular colors. Go look at Twitter, Facebook, Pepsi, Nike, XFL, Hewlett Packard and Chevrolet. See what I am talking about now? Find someone at Fiverr or Upwork to create a great looking logo for not a lot of money. 

  • Make sure you always associate your name with both of the above 

If you are going to associate your name with your personal brand, you must do it all the time so people will remember it. Frank Kern totally nailed it here. Frank Kern is his given name and also the name of his business. Frank has built an estimated net worth of over $35 million bucks around his given name. According to Tony Robbins here, Frank earned $23.8 million bucks in less than 24 hours one time. Damn. Pretty cool, eh? 

Frank Kern’s partner-in-crime, Grant Cardone built his personal brand around his name and the name of his best-selling book, 10X. Grant associates his name with 10X and plasters them both on everything you can possibly imagine. 

PewDiePie doesn’t associate his given name with his personal brand. He has become PewDiePie. Same thing with Unspeakable, ODi and countless others. They replaced their real name with something they made up and turned it into a personal brand. That is now their persona. It is now their personal brand.

  • Create a WordPress site for this new brand 

You must have a great site. I know that’s a no-brainer but I still have to say it. WPX hosting is the best hosting there is. They will gladly help you every step of the way. Make sure you ask them to install your free SSL certificate that comes with your hosting package. Google will give you no love without it. 

  • Create placeholder social media accounts 

Be careful here. You can waste a lot of time with social media accounts that is definitely time better spent with creating awesome content for your blog, vlog or podcast. That being said, you definitely want your new brand name to have the account for the big name social media accounts. When you Google “Advance Dynamix”, you will notice I have sewn up the entire first page of the SERP’s with my brand. That’s important. 

  • Create tons of great content associated with this brand 

I know it seems like I harp on this a lot but it is because it is extremely important. In fact, it is of the utmost importance. You can’t be all willy-nilly about this either. Your first thirty days should be a great, high-quality/high-content post every single day. 

Once you have thirty solid posts under your belt, you can consider this project as being started. Before that, you haven’t even begun. Plan on dumping a ton of your time in for those first thirty days. If you haphazardly publish every few days, weeks or even months in the beginning, it is going to take much longer for Google to do their thing and begin picking you up in the SERP’s. I made this mistake. Learn from my mistakes. Bust your ass and make it happen!

When you are creating a blog post or vlog, come up with a great title to begin with. Use the Google search bar to help you figure out what people are searching for. Type in your key topic word(s) and see what the drop-down suggestions are. Those are topics people are searching for. Once you have figured that out, go over to Ubersuggest and what ranks well and will be easy for you to be found with. 

  • Cross the chasm 

Crossing the chasm is where most people fall down. It is where I fell down many times in the past. If you have ever started a business, you have probably fallen down while crossing the chasm too. The chasm is that vast area between the time you begin working on starting your business and the point where it becomes a highly-profitable cash-cow that enables you to spend all of your time with your loved ones. 

Starting a business is sexy and exciting. That all wears off and it becomes monotonous work before you achieve great success. Beware the chasm. It will get you if you let it.


Ryan ToysReview

Ryan was six-years old when he got his start. He is the host of an extremely successful toy review channel on Youtube. Ryan ToysReview is a family-owned and ran business that made over $11 million dollars in its first year of existence and over $22 million dollars in its second year (2018). Saying Ryan is now set for life would be the understatement of the century! 


PewDiePie didn’t need television or radio. Nope, there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called the Interwebs. PewDiePie harnessed the Power of the Internet and has built his personal brand to amazing heights. His mom calls him Felix. Felix is a Swedish kid who used Youtube to amass a $30 million dollar net worth by publishing gaming videos and his personal brand of humor on his Youtube channel. 


Ever heard of Hickok45? His friends and family know him as Greg Kinman. Greg is a retired middle-school English teacher from Tennessee. Greg created a Youtube channel around his love of guns. Greg shoots the hell out of all kinds of targets in his backyard and then uploads the video to his Youtube channel. Greg has used the Power of the Internet to build himself a small fortune in his retirement. According to Nailbuzz, Greg has a net worth of over $3.5 million dollars thanks to building his personal brand. 


I stumbled across the Unspeakable Youtube channel while watching Youtube videos of mentos being placed in bottles of Coke with my grandsons. They absolutely love watching him. Now, everytime they come to visit grandpa, we watch the Unspeakable channel. 

Unspeakable is the moniker used by a twenty-two year old American kid on Youtube. His real name is Nathan. Nathan has essentially done the same thing PewDiePie did but on a much smaller scale. Reportedly, Nathan is only worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million bucks. But hey, he’s only twenty-two years old. He has his whole life in front of him! 

Think about this for a second. Unspeakable saw what PewDiePie was able to accomplish and then replicated the exact same concept to a T. The only difference was that the Unspeakable channel features an entirely different personal brand that resonates with his followers. 

When I first started Advance Dynamix, I was met with words of negativity such as, “But that is already being done.” Ya think!? While that is true, it definitely wasn’t enough to discourage me from doing my thing. Although I may cover topics that are totally covered by many others all of the Internet, my personal brand is totally different. You are reading this because my style of writing resonates with you. Stay away from negative people. They only drag you down. 

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler from Income School 

I can’t say enough good about Income School and the guys who run it. I have learned a ton of great stuff from these guys! And they have a really cool story. 

Jim Harmer graduated law school and passed the bar. But, he absolutely hated what he saw in the justice system. In his words, people were willing to ruin the lives of others for money and the criminal justice portion of the courts was wrought with disgusting details of criminal behavior. 

Jim quickly realized his wife and family and taking photos were the things that made him happy. He left the life of being an attorney and pursued a career in photography. That evolved into a photography blog. As he created his successful photography blog, he realized he could replicate that success over and over again with blogs that covered other topics he loved. From there, he realized there was a great career ahead in teaching others to create successful blogs too. 

Ricky Kesler is the co-founder of Income School. Ricky also worked hard to earn a very impressive college degree and career. Ricky earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and went on to earn a very respectable engineering position. He quickly realized that was not what made him happy and teamed up with Jim and together, they developed Income School. 

Together, Jim and Ricky have created a multi-million dollar business while doing what they love. I watched a video of theirs this morning where they were talking about the time they spend working. Jim said he sometimes puts in 14-hour-days to meet deadlines they have set. Some days he only works a few hours. And sometimes, he doesn’t work at all. He just spends the entire day with his family. They are running their show. They can do it however they want to. 

The grass is greener where you water it.
The grass is greener where you water it.

Another Affiliate Marketer I was listening to the other day on a blogpost said he took three years off to do nothing but play golf. Freedom of time to spend it with those you love is one of the best parts of affiliate marketing in my opinion!


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